TIN Application

TIN Application

Mintyn bank evolves every second and as a fintech business company that has customers who own businesses or intending to birth and groom a new business. Mintyn has taken up the mantle themselves to cut through the stress for our customers who would want to register their businesses and are stuck at getting their Tax Identification Number (TIN). So as a customer with Mintyn bank, you can click on the generate tax number for your business and we do it in a fast and easy way without stress and then you get your tax number and complete your application. With Mintyn everything business and banking is a swift process. Mintyn bank is here for you!

TIN application payment

To process the the application form, every user must pay in a particular amount of money for the registration. This is much more easier, faster and cheap due to the problems faced in getting it done physically. We want all Mintyn users, who are ready to birth new businesses to come to us and we will get it done for them swiftly.

Easy application process

Mintyn bank gives just three steps in getting that TIN application done! Once you fill in the form and upload your utility bill, then the application for the TIN becomes live and then you get your TIN. The TIN is very important in making your business known, so you won’t fall in trouble with the law.