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Say hello to the Best Current Account in Nigeria.

Get more from your money with an app-based personal account. Enjoy Unlimited free transfers, no monthly fees and apply in minutes from your phone.
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Features fit for an award-winning account.

Features fit for an award-winning account.

Go digital

Do everything you used to do in a branch – on your phone or PC.

Fast and free access

Apply for a free account right now in minutes

24/7 support

Chat to our all-human team in the app, whenever works best for you.

Chat to our all-human team in the app, whenever works best for you.

Get instant payment notifications and intelligent tools to help with tracking your spending, saving and investment.

Open Account
Features fit for an award-winning account.

Features fit for an award-winning account.

Unlimited Free transfer

Send and receive money as much as you want without Charges.

Instant notifications

Get an alert whenever payments leave or enter your account.

High Intrest Rates

Up to 18% interest per annum

A new way to pay

Set up a simple payment link, send money to nearby Mintyn customers or split bills with a tap.

Free Debit Card

Get your free debit card delivered to your doorstep.

Categorised spending insights

Seeing where, when and how you're spending makes budgeting fast and easy.

Spend money when you spend

Put money aside every time you transfer or make payment, automatically round up transactions to save the change.

Customer Testimonials

@Mintynapp, helped me manage many transactions without a single transaction fee. I do a lot of transfers, and monthly I would have been calculating about 5k just on transfer charges alone.



It's a kind of app and online bank I prefer mostly because it has no stress at all. It is very good and calm to save money, keep it up Mintyn!


Guys @Mintynapp is not just a bank. They also offer premium financial services. With MINTYN BANK you can draft your monthly budget, you can view a proper statistics of your income and expenses.

Samora I. Fortune


Wait, why didn’t anybody tell me about this @Mintynapp since? So this is what you people have been enjoying? Transferring money without any transfer fee? Nawa oh, I thought we all agreed to help each other.

Karen King


Beautiful app with very good support service. Keep it up!

Mohammed Ibrahim

One of the best transactions app so far, and also have one of the best savings platform in the app. Good one Mintyn.

Collins Samuel

Thanks for the amazing app. You have a gifted developer.

Michael Eki

Really nice UI! Allows scheduled transfer, no bank charges on transfers and many others. I truly recommend!

Mutalib Malik

Operations on the app so fast and easy I love it.

Eta Lambe

The best digital mobile banking app for now.

Ibitayo Daniel

Banking, but
without the stress.

  • Cardless withdrawal. Withdraw anywhere even without any ATM card
  • 24hrs Customer support
  • Schedule transfers: Schedule payments even with zero balance
  • Bulk transfers: transfer to many people at once

Everything you get with Mintyn Bank

  • No monthly fees maintenance fee
  • 100% digital sign up
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Instant payment notifications
  • Saving Options
  • Protected by Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)
  • Unlimited Transfer fees
  • Mobile and online banking
  • Your spending categorised
  • Free Business Account Opening
  • No Maintenance
  • Round up transactions to put saving on self pilot
  • Investment Options
  • Security (biometric authentication)
  • Register your business (CAC Registration)
  • Send and receive local payments (for no transfer charge)