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Are you seeking an for extraordinary range of entertainment options that cater specifically to your unique tastes and preferences? You are at the right spot. With a rich history spanning decades, DSTV has consistently delivered an extensive range of channels, catering to diverse interests and preferences. DStv subscription unlocks a universe of captivating content that caters to your unique tastes and preferences.

Don’t settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a subscription away. Choose Mintyn for your DSTV subscription and subscribe to an extraordinary world of entertainment.

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DStv Subscription Packages and Pricing

Embark on a journey through a myriad of entertainment options with DStv diverse packages and prices. From sports enthusiasts to movie buffs and budget-conscious viewers, there’s a package tailored just for you. Dive into the details of each offering and find the perfect fit for your entertainment needs. 

The world of DStv awaits – explore, choose, and elevate your viewing experience! 

1. DStv Premium

If you enjoy a diverse range of global entertainment programs, this bouquet is ideal for you. It offers over 160 channels, including 38 in high definition, making it the package with the highest channel count in the country. From sports and kids’ content to TV shows, continuous movie streams, news, documentaries, and more, you’ll find a comprehensive selection on these channels.

DStv premium

2. DStv Compact Plus

Designed to offer a diverse array of programs, Compact Plus provides an economical way to access nearly all sports networks. This package includes AM Showcase, award-winning documentaries, news, commerce, and more. Boasting over 145 channels, including 30 in HD, it provides a comprehensive entertainment experience.

DStv Compact Plus

3. DStv Compact

With over 130 channels, including 20 in HD, DStv Compact is a top choice for movie and entertainment enthusiasts. Notable high-end channels like MTV, SuperSport 9, SuperSport 8, and SuperSport 7 are part of this package. This package ensures all educational and children’s channels are accessible. It also offers the flexibility to watch WWE anytime.

DStv Compact

4. DStv Confam

Offering a delightful bouquet for those with varying tastes, DStv Confam consists of 105+ channels, including 10 HD stations. It caters to the entire family with entertainment, lifestyle, music, and documentaries. Sports enthusiasts can catch La Liga, Seris A, and the Europa League, along with an extensive selection of children’s films, dramas, and music.

DStv Comfam

5. DStv Yanga

As one of DStv’s most affordable bouquets, Yanga encompasses crucial networks like Africa Magic Epic and M-Net Movies. With over 85 channels, including 7 in HD, it covers movies, kids’ shows, news, local and international music, and business.

DStv Yanga

6. DStv Padi

A pocket-friendly option accessible to all, DStv Padi includes about 45 channels, featuring one HD channel. Highlights of this package include Nigerian shows on free-to-air and Africa Magic networks, along with channels dedicated to kids, movies, and educational programming. Additionally, Blitz delivers top-notch sports news for sports enthusiasts, complemented by both local and international news channels.

DStv Padi

Embrace the convenience, savor the latest releases, and turn your living room into a private cinema experience by choosing  Mintyn for your DStv subscription. Mintyn ensures that you not only access this treasure trove of entertainment but also enjoy the convenience of a swift subscription process.

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Key Features and Benefits of DStv

features of dstv subscription

1. Access to a World of Channels

DStv offers an extensive selection of channels, ranging from international news networks to niche content channels. You can explore the latest movies on M-Net, catch thrilling sports events on SuperSport, or delve into international documentaries and lifestyle content.

Don’t miss out on the extraordinary – choose Mintyn for your DStv subscription and elevate your entertainment experience today! Click ‘Subscribe  Now and embark on a journey where every channel is a gateway to a new adventure. 

2. Access to Premium Sports

For sports enthusiasts, DStv offers a range of SuperSport channels that bring you live and exclusive coverage of major sporting events from around the world. Whether it’s football, rugby, cricket, or motorsports, DStv is your gateway to the sports action.

Ignite your passion for sports with DStv by subscribing through Mintyn – where every match is a celebration of the spirit of competition. Unleash the adrenaline, witness the victories, experience the triumphs by subscribing now.

3. Parental Control

DStv offers a comprehensive parental control feature, ensuring that your children only access age-appropriate content. This feature provides peace of mind to parents, knowing that their kids are safe from unsuitable material.

4. Exclusive African Content

DStv is a proud supporter of African talent and culture. With channels like Africa Magic, you can enjoy homegrown content, from Nollywood movies to Afrobeat music. DStv also provides a platform for local news and events, helping to promote African voices.

Join the celebration of African excellence! Click Subscribe  Nowand unlock a world where every moment is a testament to the beauty, diversity, and brilliance of our continent. Elevate your entertainment with DStv and Mintyn today! 

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DStv Subscription Channels

In assessing DStv subscription packages, it’s essential to comprehend the channels within each category. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily pick the best package that encompasses most of your preferred shows.

1. Nigerian channels only 

Africa Magic Epic Africa Magic Family Africa Magic Hausa Africa Magic Igbo
Africa Magic Showcase Africa Magic Urban Africa Magic Yoruba HIP TV
ROK 3  Sound City  Spice TV Televista

2. General Entertainment Channels

1 Magic Africa Magic Family  Africa Magic Hausa  Africa Magic Igbo
Africa Magic Showcase Africa Magic Urban Africa Magic Yoruba BBC 
Brit BET CBS Reality Comedy Central  E! Entertainment 
FOX  FOX Life ITV Choice

3. Lifetime Entertainment 

M-Net Africa M-Net City MTV ROK 2
ROK 3  Televista  Trybe Universal Channel
VUZU  WWE Channel

4. Telenovelas 

EVA  EVA +  Star Life  Zee World  Telemundo

5. Movie Channels

Africa Magic Epic  B4U Movies  M-Net Movies Action 
M-Net Movies Action +  M-Net Movies All Stars  M-Net Movies Premiere West
M-Net Movies Smile  M-Net Movies Zone  ROK 
Studio Universal  TNT Africa 

6. Documentary, lifestyle and educational channels 

BBC Lifestyle CBS Justice  CuriosityStream  Discovery Channel 
Discovery Family  Discovery ID Discovery TLC Entertainment  Fashion One 
Food Network  NatGeo Wild  National Geographic Channel Real Time
Spice TV The History Channel 

7. Sport Channels

SuperSport 1  SuperSport 10  SuperSport 11  SuperSport 12 
SuperSport 2  SuperSport 3  SuperSport 4  SuperSport 5 
SuperSport 6  SuperSport 7 SuperSport 8 SuperSport 9
SuperSport Blitz  WWE Channel 

8. News and commerce channels

Al Jazeera Arise News  BBC World News  Bloomberg Television 
CGTN News  CNBC Africa  CNC World  CNN International 
EuroNews  Joy News  NTA parliament  Sky News 
TVC News Nigeria 

9. Kids and Teens Channels 

Boomerang  Cartoon Network  CBeebies  Da Vinci Learning 
Disney Channel  Disney Channel XD  Disney Channel XD  Disney Junior
Jim Jam  Mindset  Nickelodeon  NickJr 
Nicktoons  PBS Kids 

10. Music Channels

AFRO Music English  Hip TV  MTV Base  POP Central 
Sound City  Trace Gospel  TRACE Naija  Urban TV

11. Local Channels

Arewa 24  Ebony Life TV  Galaxy TV 
NTA 2  NTA News 24  OGtv
ONMAX  WAP TV  Wazobia Max 

12. HD Channels

1 Magic HD  Africa Magic Showcase HD Discovery Channel HD  Discovery Family HD  Discovery ID HD 
Discovery TLC Entertainment HD  Maisha Magic East HD  M-Net Movies Action+ HD  M-Net Movies Premiere West HD  M-Net Movies Smile HD 
M-Net West HD  Newzroom Afrika HD  Studio Universal HD  SuperSport 1 HD  SuperSport 11 HD 
SuperSport 12 HD  SuperSport 2 HD  SuperSport 3 HD  SuperSport 4 HD  SuperSport 5 HD 
SuperSport 6 HD  SuperSport 7 HD  SuperSport 8 HD 

How to Upgrade DStv Subscription

Discover the convenience of securing your DStv subscription through the Mintyn app. This section is your step-by-step guide to seamless access to a world of entertainment. Elevate your viewing experience effortlessly – it’s time to subscribe with Mintyn! 

how to subscribe for dstv

With exclusive deals, unparalleled convenience, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Mintyn is your trusted partner on the journey to elevating your entertainment experience. Download the Mintyn app for seamless subscription anywhere anytime.

Subscribe  now and embark on a journey where entertainment knows no bounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! DSTV offers a variety of packages to cater to different preferences. You can choose a package that aligns with your interests, whether you're a sports fanatic, movie buff, or prefer lifestyle and documentary channels.  
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plans based on changing preferences. You can easily manage your subscription through Mintyn’s website or app.  
Yes, DSTV provides on-demand services and catch-up options through platforms like DStv Now. This allows you to watch your favorite shows at your convenience, ensuring you never miss out on the latest content.  
DSTV subscriptions are location-based. However, with features like DStv Now, you can enjoy your favorite content on mobile devices, tablets, or laptops, making it convenient for travel or secondary locations.  
If you forget your DSTV decoder PIN or password, you can reset it through the DSTV website or contact Mintyn's customer support for assistance in the password recovery process.
Absolutely! DSTV provides a user-friendly electronic program guide (EPG) that allows you to set reminders for upcoming shows or sporting events. Never miss a moment of your favorite content.    
Yes, DSTV offers special packages and channels for children, ensuring age-appropriate and entertaining content. These channels often include educational programs, cartoons, and shows suitable for various age groups.  
Ofcourse. DStv provides a range of packages each with its unique features and advantages. The Padi package, being the most basic and cost-effective, offers access to more than 45 channels. On the other hand, the Premium package boasts over 160 channels, emphasizing sports, music, lifestyle, and family content. You have the flexibility to compare up to five packages, enabling you to explore available channels and discover the package that best suits your preferences.
All DStv packages offer reasonable and fair prices. For those keen on diverse event coverage, the DStv Premium package, encompassing a wide range of enjoyable channels, might be the ideal selection.

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