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Welcome to the world of GOtv, where quality entertainment meets affordability. Offering a diverse channel lineup that caters to various tastes, GOtv subscription ensures an enriching television experience for you and your family. 

With Mintyn, accessing a diverse range of content is simple, and its user-friendly features enhance your viewing pleasure. Subscribe today to seamlessly unlock the full potential of GOtv, ensuring personalized, enjoyable entertainment for you and your family. 

Choose Mintyn for an effortless GOtv subscription and a tailored entertainment experience.

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GOtv Subscription Packages and Prices

GOtv’s commitment to affordability means that quality entertainment doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Each package is crafted to strike the right balance, providing value for your money while offering a variety of content that resonates with different tastes and interests.

Here is the current lineup of GOtv packages along with their corresponding prices:

1. GOtv Supa+

Presently, this package stands as the premium option from GOtv in Nigeria. It offers over 85 channels which include 21 local channels, 8 sport channels, 8 movie channels and 51 other genre channels. GOtv Supa+ transforms your home into a delightful hub of entertainment with its comprehensive array of content, ensuring happiness for all.

Subscribe now with Mintyn and enjoy this amazing offer.

GOtv supa

2. GOtv Supa

Elevate your entertainment experience with the GOtv Supa,  next-level bouquet. It includes an array of over 80 channels which include 21 local channels, 6 sport channels, 8 movie channels and 49 other genre channels.

GOtv Supa

3. GOtv Max

GOtv Max provides entry to more than 75 channels, encompassing an array of local and international content spanning movies, sports, lifestyle, news, and more. When you subscribe to GOtv Max you can indulge in well-known channels such as SuperSport, Africa Magic, FOX, CNN, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, and numerous others.

GOtv Max

4. GOtv Jolli

It is a package designed if you are seeking an option closely resembling the premium top notch max package.  It offers over 65 channels which include 21 local channels, 3 sport channels, 3 movie channels and 38 other genre channels.

GOtv Jolli

5. GOtv Jinja

The GOtv Jinja falls into the mid-range category, offering a balance between high-end and low-end channels. It’s the ideal package for those who prefer not to subscribe to all the premium movies and sports channels.  It offers over 45 channels which include 20 local channels, 2 sport channels, 1 movie channels and 23 other genre channels.

GOtv Jinja

6. GOtv Smallie

The GOtv Smallie package provides an assortment of favored local and international channels at an affordable price. It offers over 35 channels with diverse entertainment content, including movies, TV series, sports, news, and beyond. This package is customized if you are  seeking for a budget-friendly option to access a diverse range of television channels and programs.

GOtv Smallie

GOtv List of Channels

1. GOtv Entertainment Channels

Africa Magic  Africa Magic Family  TLNovelas E! Entertainment  CBS Reality 
Yoruba  Africa Magic Urban Real Time Discovery Family  Universal TV
Africa Magic Hausa  ROK 2  Televista  TeleMundo Star Life
Africa Magic Igbo  Magic Showcase Trybe TVC Entertainment  Zee World 
BET  TLC Entertainment  Me Channel 

2. GOtv Movie Channels

Africa Magic Epic  ROK  M-Net Movies 4 
KIX  CineMagic  B4U Movies 
Movie Room TNT Africa 

3. GOtv Documentary Channels

NatGeo Wild  ID

4. GOtv Sport Channels

SS Blitz  SS Football  SS LaLiga  SS Select 1 
SS Select 2  WWE SS English Premier League  SS Select 3 

5. GOtv Local Channels

AIT  NTA 1 NTA 2 Wazobia TV  Tiwa n Tiwa 
OGTV  BCOS  Arewa 24  Liberty ITV Benin 

6. GOtv Kids & Teens Channel

JimJam  Nick Junior  Disney Junior 
PBS Kids  Moonbug  Nick Toons 
Nickelodeon Cartoon Network  Disney Channel 

7. GOtv Music Channels

Sound City  HIP TV  MTV Base 

8. GOtv Religious Channels

Faith  Islam  Emmanuel TV  Dove TV

9. GOtv News & Commerce Channels

Arise News  TVC News Nigeria  NTA News  CHANNELS 
BBC News  Al Jazeera  CNN International  NTA Parliamentary 

10. GOtv Audio Channels

Naija FM  Wazobia FM 

11. GOtv Lifestyle & Culture Channels

Spice TV 

Unlock a world of affordable entertainment with GOtv entertainment channels and indulge in your favorite shows, sports, and news without breaking the bank.

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Why You Should Choose GOtv


1. Affordable Subscription Plans

GOtv offers competitively priced subscription plans that make quality entertainment accessible to a broader audience. You can enjoy your favorite shows, sports, and news without straining your budget.

Make your GOtv subscription seamless with Mintyn.

2. Great Entertainment Variety

Despite its affordability, GOtv provides a broad spectrum of channels that cater to diverse tastes. You can access popular local and international channels, ensuring you never run out of things to watch.

3. Excellent Picture and Sound Quality

GOtv offers impressive picture and sound quality, even at its affordable price point. You can enjoy clear and vibrant visuals along with crisp audio, enhancing your viewing experience.

Upgrade to GOtv now for affordable excellence in every frame and note – because every detail deserves perfection!

4. Diverse Channel Lineup

From thrilling sports to captivating news and a spectrum of entertainment, GOtv delivers a diverse channel lineup that ensures there’s always something exciting on your screen. 

5. Access to Local Content

GOtv is committed to supporting local content and talent. It features local channels and content, promoting cultural diversity and showcasing the best in African entertainment.

6. GOtv Max: The Ultimate Package

GOtv Max is the premium offering from GOtv, providing you access to even more channels and content. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a bit of everything, from sports to movies and lifestyle channels.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate viewing experience. Indulge in a spectrum of entertainment that goes beyond the ordinary!

7. Parental Control

GOtv also offers parental control features, ensuring that you can tailor the content available to your family’s preferences and values.

Choose Mintyn for your GOtv subscription, and enjoy television tailored to your preferences!

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How to Subscribe for GOtv from Mintyn app

Discover the convenience of securing your GOtv subscription through the Mintyn app. This section is your step-by-step guide to seamless access to a world of entertainment. Elevate your viewing experience effortlessly – it’s time to subscribe with Mintyn! 

How to subscribe for gotv on mintyn app

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