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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficient and cost-effective payment collection methods are the cornerstone of success. Mintyn proudly introduces EasyCollect, an innovative feature designed to streamline payment collections for your business growth.

With Easy Collect, you or your sales agent can confirm transfer payments even when you are not physically present at your store or point of sale. This feature empowers you to efficiently manage payment verifications remotely, ensuring seamless transactions with improved customer satisfaction.

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Manage Payments Anywhere with EasyCollect

Easy collect

Imagine a scenario where confirming payment transactions doesn’t hinge on the physical presence. EasyCollect reshapes this reality, empowering business owners and sales agents to verify transfer payments swiftly and securely without the constraints of location. This feature leverages technology to offer a seamless and efficient way to manage payment collections.

How EasyCollect Redefines Payment Collections

redefining payment collections

High transaction fees often weigh heavily on businesses. Mintyn’s ‘Easy Collect’ addresses this concern by providing the most economical payment collection solution in the market. At an unparalleled rate of as low as NGN10 per transaction, ‘Easy Collect’ ensures that businesses of any scale can benefit from cost-effective payment collection without compromising service quality.

The process is straightforward. To access EasyCollect, all you need is a registered business account with Mintyn and the Mintyn app downloaded on your device. This powerful combination opens doors to a world where payment collection becomes effortless and accessible at your fingertips.

How Easy Collect Works

effortless transaction with easycollect

1. Create Your Business Account

Begin by setting up a business account with Mintyn. The intuitive setup process ensures that your account aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Click here to open a business account.

2. Download the Mintyn App

Access the EasyCollect feature through the Mintyn app. This user-friendly interface is designed to simplify payment collections, catering to both business owners and sales agents.

3. Seamless Transaction Confirmation

EasyCollect enables business owners and sales agents to confirm transfer payments remotely, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for customers without the need for physical presence.

Benefits of EasyCollect

the power of easycollect

1. Convenience Redefined

EasyCollect grants you the flexibility to manage payment collections from any location, at any time, ensuring unparalleled convenience for your customers and streamlining business operations.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

By offering the lowest transaction fees in the market, EasyCollect maximizes your revenue potential by reducing overhead costs associated with payment collection.

3. Enhanced Efficiency

With EasyCollect, businesses witness a boost in operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless payment collection process that benefits both businesses and their clientele.

Why Choose EasyCollect

Mintyn’s EasyCollect isn’t just a feature; it’s a game-changer for businesses seeking to revolutionize their payment collection methods. By incorporating this innovative solution into your business operations, you can unlock a world of possibilities and streamline your payment collection processes like never before. In essence, EasyCollect represents a transformative approach to payment collections, offering a solution that amalgamates convenience, affordability, and efficiency.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your business operations. Sign up for a business account with Mintyn today and embark on a journey towards simplified, cost-effective, and efficient payment collections with EasyCollect.

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Real Stories


“Mintyn’s  EasyCollect transformed how I manage payments for my business. Confirming transactions remotely has never been easier. It’s streamlined, cost-effective, and a game-changer for my operations.”


“As a sales agent, Easy Collect by Mintyn has been a lifesaver! I can swiftly confirm payments on-the-go without the hassle of physically being at the store. It’s simplified my work and improved customer satisfaction.”


“Mintyn’s Easy Collect offers the perfect blend of convenience and affordability. Managing payment collections for my business has become seamless. This feature is a must-have for any business looking to optimize their operations.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Mintyn's Easy Collect is a revolutionary payment collection solution designed to enable businesses and sales agents to confirm transfer payments without the necessity of physical presence at the point of sale.
Easy Collect streamlines payment verification by allowing businesses and sales agents to confirm transactions remotely via the Mintyn app.
Advantages include convenience, cost-effectiveness, streamlined operations, and improved customer satisfaction.
Yes, Easy Collect is designed to benefit businesses across various industries and sizes.
Yes, Easy Collect is accessible for both business owners and sales agents associated with the business.
The cost per transaction with Easy Collect is as low as NGN10, making it one of the most affordable options available.
Mintyn does not impose limitations on the number of transactions you can process using Easy Collect.
Yes, Easy Collect supports transactions from various locations, offering flexibility in payment collection.
Yes, Easy Collect provides notifications or alerts for confirmed transactions, ensuring real-time updates.
Easy Collect stands out due to its cost-effectiveness, convenience, and simplicity, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient payment collection methods.
Easy Collect benefits businesses across various industries, especially those reliant on efficient payment collections.  

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