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Business Registration

Register your business with CAC

We can get your business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) within 10-15 working days from 22,000 Naira.
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Mintyn takes your dream business away from problems and keeps you in charge of everything. The registration is easy, faster and flexible.

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Types of CAC Registrations

Sole proprietorship

For Business owned by One person

22,000 Naira

For Private or Public Companies limited by shares.

66,000 Naira
Incorporated Trustee

For Organizations not created for Profit.

100,000 Naira
Why Register your business?
Business Expansion

A business must be registered with the CAC to receive loans from major investors or lenders.

Operational License

Without proof of a certificate of incorporation, an application for a business license may not succeed.

Protection from personal liability

When a business in Nigeria is registered, the business owner has a separate legal identity from the business. Meaning, Where liability arises from the business, the owner will not be held personally liable or responsible


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