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Future-Proof Investments

Make your savings inflation-proof! Explore our range of investment options designed to help you on your journey towards financial prosperity. 

Our investment plans offer a strategic blend of flexibility and high returns, ensuring that you not only preserve but grow your wealth over time. 

Introducing our exclusive suite of Wealth Management options designed to aid your financial journey – the Flex Plus, Flex Pro, Flex Elite, Yield Max Pro and Yield Max Plus plans.

You can invest with Mintyn with as little as 1,000 NGN. This provides an inclusive opportunity for everyone to invest and get exciting returns.

Investment Plans

Investment Plans Maturity Period Interest Rate Fees for Early Withdrawals
Flex Plus 1- 3 months 9% p.a. 0.0%
Flex Pro 4 – 6 months 10% p.a. 22.0% 
Flex Elite 7 – 9 months 13% p.a. 38.5% 
Yield Max Pro 10 – 12 months 16% p.a. 50.0% 
Yield Max Plus 13 – 24 months 18% p.a. 55.5%

Flex Your Financial Freedom with Flex Plus

FlexPlus Plan Investments

Realise your financial potential in the short term with our Flex Plus Plan.

With a maturity period of 1-3 months, this plan offers you the flexibility to access your funds quickly while enjoying a competitive interest rate of 9% per annum. 

The best part? There’s a 0% fee for withdrawal before the maturity date, giving you unparalleled control over your finances.

Key features of Flex Plus:

I. Maturity Period: 1-3 months

II. Interest Rate: 9% per annum

III. 0% fee on accrued interest for early withdrawal

Experience the freedom to adapt to your evolving financial needs without compromising on returns.


Step Up Your Game with Flex Pro

Investments-Flex Pro

Looking for a balanced blend of flexibility and higher returns? The Flex Pro Plan is the perfect choice.

With a maturity period of 4-6 months and an enticing interest rate of 10% per annum, this plan lets you strike the right balance between short-term liquidity and long-term gains. 

While there’s a 22% fee for early withdrawal, the potential returns make it a smart investment.

Key features of Flex Pro:

I. Maturity Period: 4-6 months

II. Interest Rate: 10% per annum

III. 22% fee on accrued interest for early withdrawal

Seize the opportunity to maximise your returns with a plan that adapts to your financial rhythm.


Elite Returns with Flex Elite

Investments- FlexElite

For those who prioritise substantial returns, the Flex Elite Plan is made just for you.

Boasting of a maturity period of 4-6 months and an impressive interest rate of 13% per annum, this plan is crafted for the discerning investor. 

While the 38.5% fee for early withdrawal ensures commitment, the high returns speak volumes about the potential for elite wealth growth.

Key features of Flex Elite:

I. Maturity Period: 4-6 months

II. Interest Rate: 13% per annum

III. 38.5% fee on accrued interest for early withdrawal

Take your financial portfolio to elite status with a plan that reflects your ambition.


Realise Huge Returns with Yield Max Pro


Ready for a more extended investment level? The Yield Max Pro Plan is your passport to higher returns.

With a maturity period of 10-12 months and an attractive interest rate of 16% per annum, this plan is crafted for those who believe in the power of patience. 

While the 50% fee for early withdrawal signals commitment, the potential returns speak for themselves.

Key features of Yield Max Pro:

I. Maturity Period: 10-12 months

II. Interest Rate: 16% per annum

III. 50% fee on accrued interest for early withdrawal

Watch your wealth grow exponentially with a plan that rewards your patience.


Long-Term Wealth Creation with Yield Max Plus

YieldMax Plus

The Yield Max Plus Plan offers a maturity period of 13-24 months for the savviest investors looking to plant seeds for a fruitful financial future.

With an attractive interest rate of 18% per annum, this plan is for the ones who understand the significance of delayed gratification. 

While the 55.5% fee for early withdrawal may seem steep, the potential returns make it a compelling choice for the patient investor.

Key features of Yield Max Plus:

I. Maturity Period: 13–24 months

II. Interest Rate: 18% per annum

III. 55.5% fee on accrued interest for early withdrawal

Invest in your future and watch your wealth reach new heights with a plan that aligns with your long-term vision.


Are Mintyn’s Investment Plans Worth It?

Wealth Management-Benefits

Expert Guidance

At Mintyn, we understand that navigating the world of investments can be overwhelming. That’s why our team of financial experts is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, we provide personalised advice to help you make informed decisions.

Security and Transparency

Your financial security is our top priority. Mintyn employs state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that your investments are protected. We believe in complete transparency, providing you with regular updates on your investment’s performance and the market trends shaping your returns.

User-Friendly Platform

Investing with Mintyn is as easy as it gets. Our user-friendly platform allows you to monitor your investments, track returns, and make informed decisions effortlessly. Whether you’re on your computer or mobile device, managing your wealth is just a click away.

Diverse Investment Portfolio

At Mintyn, we believe in offering you a diverse range of investment options. Whether you’re a risk-averse investor or someone seeking high-yield opportunities, our portfolio caters to various risk appetites and financial goals. You have the flexibility to choose plans that align with your unique vision for wealth management.

Responsive Customer Support

Have a question or need assistance? Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you promptly. We value your peace of mind, and our responsive customer support ensures that you have a reliable partner throughout your investment journey.

Regular Educational Resources

Stay informed and empowered with our regular educational resources. Mintyn provides insightful articles, webinars, and tutorials to keep you updated on market trends, investment strategies, and financial planning. We believe that informed investors make better decisions.

Customised Financial Planning

No two investors are alike, and neither are their financial goals. Mintyn offers personalised financial planning services to help you chart a course that aligns with your unique aspirations. Whether you’re saving for a milestone or planning for retirement, we tailor our recommendations to your individual needs.

Competitive Fees and Charges

We understand that minimising costs is crucial for maximising returns. Mintyn offers competitive fees and charges, ensuring that you retain a significant portion of your returns. Our commitment is to help you grow your wealth without unnecessary financial burdens.

Regular Performance Reports

Track the growth of your investments with ease. Mintyn provides regular, detailed performance reports, giving you a comprehensive overview of how your portfolio is faring. Our commitment to transparency extends to keeping you informed about both successes and challenges.

Start Your Wealth Management Journey With Future-Proof Investments Today

Mintyn’s wealth management solutions are designed to cater to your unique financial aspirations. Whether you prioritise flexibility or are ready for a longer-term commitment, our investment plans offer the ideal balance of risk and reward.

Join Mintyn today and embark on a journey towards financial prosperity.  Your wealth, your future—let’s build it together!


Frequently Asked Questions

 Mintyn regularly provides educational resources such as articles, webinars, and tutorials to keep you informed about market trends, investment strategies, and financial planning.
  •    Mintyn offers a unique combination of flexibility and high returns, allowing you to tailor your investment strategy according to your preferences.
  •    Our diverse portfolio caters to various risk appetites, ensuring there's a suitable plan for every investor.
Yes, you can. However, the flexibility varies among plans. Flexibility is higher in the "Flex" plans, with lower withdrawal fees, while "Yield Max" plans offer higher returns but come with higher withdrawal fees. However, your initial investment amount is 100% guaranteed, withdrawal fee penalties only apply to accrued interest.
Mintyn employs state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your investments. We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your financial information. Your deposits with Mintyn are also protected and insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).  
You can start investing with Mintyn with as low as 1,000 NGN. This provides an inclusive opportunity for everyone to invest and get exciting returns.
Mintyn provides regular performance reports, ensuring you stay informed about the growth of your investments. These reports offer a detailed overview of your portfolio's performance.
Yes, you have the flexibility to switch between investment plans based on your evolving financial goals. Simply contact our customer support, and they will guide you through the process.  
Mintyn's customer support team is readily available to assist you. Reach out through our platform, and our dedicated team will provide prompt and helpful responses to address your queries or concerns.
No, Mintyn is committed to transparency. All fees and charges associated with your investment are clearly outlined. We believe in minimising costs to maximise your returns.  

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