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Are you looking for uninterrupted connectivity to support your daily activities? At Mintyn, we understand the importance of staying connected, that’s why we prioritize your connectivity needs, offering a diverse array of airtime packages from major providers including MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel. Our range of options caters to your calls, data, and communication preferences, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity whenever you need it.

Explore our wide selection of airtime packages today to ensure you stay connected without interruption.

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Stay in touch effortlessly with MTN’s airtime options. From talk time to data bundles, find affordable plans that fit your communication needs.


Experience uninterrupted connectivity with Glo’s diverse range of plans. Enjoy clear calls and high-speed data access with our budget-friendly options. 


Get reliable internet solutions with 9Mobile’s flexible plans. Top up your account conveniently and enjoy quality calls and data services. 


Choose from Airtel’s extensive offerings for uninterrupted calls and data services. Stay connected with ease using our affordable plans. 

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Why Choose Mintyn?

1. Convenience: Purchase airtime anytime, anywhere through our website or mobile app.

2. Diverse Options: Explore a wide range of packages tailored to your usage preferences.

3. Instant Top-Ups: Instantly recharge your account for seamless connectivity.

4. Secure Transactions: Enjoy safe and secure payment methods for worry-free transactions.

Don’t let connectivity interruptions slow you down. Explore our diverse range of options today and stay connected effortlessly. 



What is Airtime2Cash?

Airtime2Cash is your financial lifeline when you’ve mistakenly added a few extra zeros to your recharge. We’ve all been there—a simple typo, and suddenly, you’re left with more airtime than you need.

But fear not! With Mintyn’s Airtime2Cash, you can effortlessly convert that excess airtime into cash.

Click here to learn more about Airtime2Cash.

How to Buy Airtime from Mintyn App

1. Download the Mintyn app from your play store and create an account (If you are an existing user, simply login into your account).

2. Click on ‘Airtime’ under the ‘Quick Access’ feature.

3. Choose a mobile network that  best suits your needs.

4. Select who you are buying for

5. Enter your enter the phone number

6. Enter amount

7. Create a 4-digit transaction pin or simply enter your pin if you have created one

Enjoy swift activation process with Mintyn app. Download the app today stay connected with Mintyn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying airtime through Mintyn is convenient. You can visit our website or use our mobile app, select the desired network provider, choose the preferred airtime package, and complete the purchase securely using our payment gateway.
Certain airtime packages on Mintyn may include extra benefits like bonus talk time, additional data, or promotional offers. Specific details about these bonuses are typically highlighted when selecting a package.  
Yes, Mintyn allows you to purchase airtime for someone else. You can select the preferred network provider and the desired amount, then enter the recipient's phone number during the purchase process.  
Mintyn's airtime recharge services are primarily focused on local network providers within the country. Recharging international numbers may not be supported through our platform.  
Transactions on Mintyn's platform are secure. We utilize robust payment gateways to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your payment information, offering a secure environment for all transactions.  

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Ubiquitous; Everywhere you go Get our mobile App

Ubiquitous; Everywhere you go Get our mobile App

Mintyn App is available both on Apple store or Google play store. Alternatively you can scan the QR code to download.

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