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Best Online Bank in Nigeria

Managing your money through Mintyn Online Banking Solution is quick and secure and it only takes a few simple steps to register. You can do things like online money transfer, check your balance, manage bills, make investments, shop for affordable groceries and manage savings in real-time.
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Best Online Bank in Nigeria

Personal and Business Banking, free of Charge

Personal and Business Banking Services

Personal Account

Open a Bank account in less than 5mins, and avoid the tiring aura of banking halls, skip the long queues and paperwork. Enjoy unlimited free transfer, Create savings goals, split bills, withdraw anywhere without ATM Card, Bulk transfers, and Much more. All with Nigeria's most stress-free Bank.

Business registration & Account

Intelligent businesses are skipping the admin and managing their finances with Nigeria's Most stress-free Bank. No monthly fees, Unlimited free transfer, No transfer limit, 24/7 customer support, Register business with CAC and an easy in-app application.


Join thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs across the country to enjoy
affordable, reliable, and Swift Online banking services.

Current Account
Funds Transfer
Bills Payment
Naira Debit Card
Gift Cards
CAC Registration

Open a Current Account Online to meet your banking needs

Send and receive money without charges. Get more from your money with app-based personal current account. Enjoy unlimited free transfers, No monthly fees, and apply in minutes from your phone.

Personal and Business Banking Services

Start Sending funds

Use our fund transfer feature to send instant and secure payments to friends and family, settle business commitments, and pay for goods and services.

Start Sending Funds

Sort bills with a faster and simpler payment process

Mintyn Online Bank provides The ideal utility solution. Bill payments include airtime top-up, Data bundle, cable Tv subscription, utility/electricity, Remita, Betting & gaming.

Bills Payment

Withdraw cash on the go

Withdraw cash on the go in over 5,000 ATMs in Nigeria; Shop easily online with The Mintyn Naira Mastercard locally. Get Mintyn Online Bank's Naira Debit Mastercard.

Naira Debit Card

Let your money work, even while you sleep

Invest Your Money Into Mintyn Online Bank’s Mutual Funds To Achieve Your Financial Goal, whether you want to buy a car, buy a house, travel, make your money work for you. Get Upto 18% profit per annum on this investment opportunity.

Mutual Funds Investments

Shop from all of your favorite stores

Shop from your favorite stores like Amazon, eBay, Nike, Google pay, and others with Mintyn Gift Card. Shop in dollars and pounds from your favorite stores abroad. With Virtual Gift Cards, The Possibilities Are Limitless.

Virtual Gift Cards

Get your business registration done with ease on Mintyn

Boost the credibility, visibility, and access to business opportunities by registering your business with CAC through Mintyn. Get your business registration done with ease on Mintyn. Acquire a certificate of Incorporation for as low as N22,000 on the Mintyn app.

Business Registration with Cac


Mintyn marketplace provides online shoppers with a remarkable shopping experience by offering them the lowest possible prices on groceries. Buy Affordable groceries on Mintyn Marketplace.

Buy Affordable Groceries on Mintyn Online Marketplace
No monthly fees. 
 on your personal or business accoount.
Zero Charges

No monthly fees. on your personal or business accoount.

Sign up and open an account 
 in minutes from your phone.
100% Online signup

Sign up and open an account in minutes from your phone.

Chat to real humans,
 any time.
24/7 customer support.

Chat to real humans, any time.


Customer Testimonials


Junior Ndubisi

SPEND AND SAVE FEATURE - What I enjoy about using the spend and save feature is that I am literally unaware that I have savings, so the thought of “I have savings I can draw from” barely comes to my mind.


Gideon Okolo

It’s been an amazing user experience with intuitive features. I love the services and the company


Prince Asido

It’s the Quick transfers for me. I’m always sure the recipients get it immediately.



@Mintynapp, helped me manage many transactions without a single transaction fee. I do a lot of transfers, and monthly I would have been calculating about 5k just on transfer charges alone.



It's a kind of app and online bank I prefer mostly because it has no stress at all. It is very good and calm to save money, keep it up Mintyn!


Samora I. Fortune

Guys @Mintynapp is not just a bank. They also offer premium financial services. With MINTYN BANK you can draft your monthly budget, you can view a proper statistics of your income and expenses.


Karen King

Wait, why didn’t anybody tell me about this @Mintynapp since? So this is what you people have been enjoying? Transferring money without any transfer fee? Nawa oh, I thought we all agreed to help each other.


Mohammed Ibrahim

Beautiful app with very good support service. Keep it up!


Collins Samuel

One of the best transactions app so far, and also have one of the best savings platform in the app. Good one Mintyn.


Michael Eki

Thanks for the amazing app. You have a gifted developer.


Mutalib Malik

Really nice UI! Allows scheduled transfer, no bank charges on transfers and many others. I truly recommend!


Eta Lambe

Operations on the app so fast and easy I love it.


Ibitayo Daniel

The best digital mobile banking app for now.

What you get with the Bank that puts you in charge
at no charge.

  • Sign up process
  • Transfer fee
  • Customer support
  • Alerts
  • Cardless withdrawal
  • Savings
  • Debit Card
  • Platform

Break free from banking stress and charges
with Mintyn Online bank.

Download the app now and forget about bank charges and stress.

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Banking, but without
the stress.

  • Cardless withdrawal. Withdraw anywhere even without any ATM card
  • 24hrs Customer support
  • Schedule transfers: Schedule payments even with zero balance
  • Bulk transfers: transfer to many people at once